Hello! rebelCoder here. Welcome to my website, dedicated to all things Programming, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning and Open-Source Software.

Programming and Bioinformatics are my true passions. I am researching longevity (life extension), cell signaling for tissue and organ regeneration, DNA damage repair and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). I am also a strong advocate for an ethical, cruelty-free, plant-based and science-based nutrition.

In my work I only use 100% FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) for two reasons, I love Linux and I want this to be available for everyone and I don’t want a paywall stopping someone from creating amazing things. Programming languages, I use the most, are Python and Rust.

I am also planing to add an interactive Bioinformatics tools section in the future.

I use my blog, a YouTube and LBRY channels to document my journey into this amazing and very important field. Join me and let’s spread the science!

Things you might find on this website:

  • Bioinformatics articles and videos, divided in series
  • General programming tips and tricks
  • Books, courses and other related material reviews

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